Monday, November 26, 2007

A real Boston Red Blog

In a city where almost every resident lives and breathes baseball, fans are always looking for more and new information about the hometown team.

The two newspapers in Boston try their best to provide readers with in-depth and complete coverage of the Red Sox. On game days there's no shortage or ink used up on the Sox. And I won't even mention special playoff sections. There's also no shortage of Sox blogs based in the area.

But one blog has become the blog to go to for Sox info.

38 Pitches is a blog that news outlets have confirmed is updated by Sox starting pitcher Curt Schilling.

The blog has become its own news outlet in recent weeks. It was Schilling who announced his own resigning, which other news organizations then attributed their reports to.

Some of the posts are long - very long, but I don't think many Sox fans have a problem reading anything Schilling posts, no matter how many hours it takes them to finish reading it.

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