Monday, November 26, 2007

Big 3 blogs

OK. So I guess I can't post about the Sox, Pats, and B's and then not post about the 2007-08 NBA champion Boston Celtics.

Any realistic C's fan will tell you that the team was just bad over the past couple years - actually for a while, but they were just plain bad the past few years. Finally, their front office made some trades, got some absurdly amazing players, and suddenly the C's are 11-1 and are picked by a number of sports media outlets to be the number 1 contenders for the NBA title this season.

There's always been the standard blogs about the C's and, of course, the recent pop-ups since the C's are now a force in the NBA. But the simply titled has been around since 2004 - a year when the C's lost more games than they won.

The site bills itself as "interactive community dedicated to providing fresh, comprehensive coverage of everything related to the Boston Celtics and the larger world of basketball." And it's a blog of its word.

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