Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holy blog, Cardinal

Who says blogs are for the younger generations in touch with modern technology?

Well whomever did say that hasn't read Boston's holiest blog.

Cardinal Sean's Blog, as you've guessed, is updated by Boston's own Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley. The blog started out over a year ago, before the Cardinal's trip to Rome, as a more modern way to communicate with fellow area catholics about his trip and what he was doing over there.

However, the blog is updated once a week and is a great new resource for area catholics to stay more connected with the head of Boston's archdiocese.

The posts are incredibly long, but they're full of pictures, so that helps a little.

I was hoping there was at least one podcast on there because I vaguely remember the Cardinal doing one recording of a Mass perhaps, and putting it online somewhere. However, I couldn't find the podcast anywhere. Anyone that's heard the Cardinal speak before knows he has a wonderful voice, especially for radio or any sort of audio. Hopefully he'll start podcasting soon. Couldn't hurt.

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