Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The people's blog

There's not much I enjoy or like about blogging, but one side effect of blogs that I do agree with and encourage is how they facilitate discussion.

Blogs create some sort of stir when there's a post about a certain subject. Readers of the blog can then comment and the author can then comment back. Then there are the blogs that take the "discussion" to the next level.

One such example is the blog Fitchburg's Voice.

The blog is an outlet for citizens of the city many miles north and west of Boston to post comments and voice their opinions, concerns, whatever, about a certain topic. It sounds like a message board, but the moderator helps out here.

Instead of letting people go off on one topic for however long, the author of the blog creates a new topic or a subtopic every so often. During Fitchburg's recent city election, the author posted a couple of times. One post asked "Who did you vote for and why?"

Unfortunately, no one has yet to comment or start the discussion. The idea is good. Let's hope more people realize that. Maybe they're too busy commenting on sites that post pictures of celebrities pets in Halloween costumes?

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