Friday, November 30, 2007

Thoughts on blogging

I hate blogging.

I hate most blogs and never got the appeal.

This hatred was discovered last year when, for a previous course, I was also required to keep a blog. That's when I discovered that I would rather doing anything else than blogging.

There are some "blogs" that I read. The authors call them blogs, but the only true blog I read on any sort of regular basis is Media Nation. I read the local news blog, Bruins blog, and other sports blogs on, but I don't consider those blogs. They're more just online updates put under some category in the sports section.

Would it be considered blogging if the updates were just posted on the online sports page or on the home page? I believe that's the same as CNN or the New York Times updating their sites throughout the day with new news items. It's not necessarily blogging.

I enjoyed my online journalism class this semester, don't get me wrong. What I learned about taking pictures, editing audio and visuals, and putting together slideshows will be invaluable as I attempt to find a job in the field of journalism after my graduation. But the blogging aspect of this class was hard for me.

Personally, I'm a news guy. I love breaking news and other hard news. Blogging, I feel, requires too much of an opinion in a person's writing, which is the opposite of what I've been trained to do. Some people are better at it than others. Most people are better at it than me, but, as the saying goes - to each his own.

Veggie blogs

So, as I said in my last post, I enjoy eating. Which is good and bad because I tend to eat not-so-healthy foods(deep fried buffalo chicken).

So when I stumbled upon Veggie Friendly, I didn't expect to be impressed or interested, but I gave it a shot.

I'm glad I did.

The food on there doesn't sound too hard to choke down and, on a personal note, I should eat healthier - at least that's why my friends keep telling me.

I especially enjoyed the entry about pizza because even if it's a veggie pizza, it's still pizza. And who doesn't love pizza?

What's for dessert

I love to eat. That's clear to anyone who knows me.

But dessert is one of my favorite meals of the day. And I'm pumped that I found a blog dedicated to deserts with a local hook!

Fussy Eater is a great blog to read on a full stomach because if you haven't eaten in a while, those hunger pains will only get worse.

The blog, unfortunately, isn't updated too frequently, and when there is a new post, it tends to be more about baked goods in general. However reading back a bit further reveals some tempting tips about local bake shops right in the area.

The pictures that go with the posts make the blog that more appetizing.

Now for dessert.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Underage blogging

Thankfully, I'm over 21 and don't have to worry about not being able to get into an event or some 21+ club/bar, etc.

But one college student has had enough of the local under-21 scene (or lack of it) and has started a blog dedicated to events for all ages.

The blog only started this month, but after reading the couple of posts makes me wish this blog was around a couple of years ago when I wasn't 21 yet.

There's a lot of "underground" events the author blogs about, but he makes them sound appealing and sometimes includes mapquest directions to get to the location. Another useful feature is the calendar of events.

I wouldn't be surprised if the blog skyrockets in popularity soon.

Quick side note: For those that don't understand or forget how lackluster the under-21 scene is in Boston, here's a refresher.

More geekiness

I thought this blog was going to be lame. I mean, it's called Boston Geek. What more of a hint do you need?

Then I found that this author has reviewed more than 100 beers and I found myself sitting at my computer reading through the reviews and thinking about what I would be ordering at the bar tonight.

Besides the booze, the blog also has posts and podcasts that focus on "tech geekiness and gaming geekiness."

Personally, I'm not into gaming or tech stuff, but the beer reviews make the site well worth a visit.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hey! I'm bloggin' here!

This couldn't be more true:

"When you are on the T, it's best not to make eye contact. If you do, we know you are new to the whole public transportation thing."

That's from the author of the blog Driving to Work. It's a great blog based on a simple premise - a man's daily commute to work.

The author takes public transportation and somehow (I'm assuming some blackberry or similar device) blogs while he commutes to work. The posts are interesting because they appeal to anyone who has taken the T more than a couple of times. I just wish it was updated more frequently.

City seen again

Here, again, is another blog with daily photos from around Boston.

Unlike the blog from the previous post, this blog seems to be more focused on Boston.

Also, from the pictures, it seems this author/photographer actually likes the city and is not trying to leave.

Despite the title, the author is definitely not clueless in Boston.