Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New blog, new insight

Some blogs that pop-up post about the same old stuff. Others take a new idea and try to run with it. And others put a new spin on an old favorite.

There's been travel blogs as long as there have been blogs. People - especially Americans - love to travel and are in the top group of people who spend their money and time traveling.

When it comes to traveling in Boston, the Go Boston Card Blog seems to have the Hub covered.

The blog even had this Bostonian surprised at what he could learn about the city he grew up in from a new travel blog.

The blog is updated frequently with a list of weekly activities and guides to getting around each scene in Boston, from nightlife to shopping to vi sting colleges.

There is one catch, that isn't much of a catch anyway. The blog is operated by a group that sells a "multi-attraction pass" for Boston. I'm not sure if they're only putting events or places up on their site where you can use the pass, but it sure seems like you can use it everywhere.

The blogs worth checking out, even if you live in the city. You might learn something new.


Shannon B. said...

Hi Michael!

Thanks for your compliments about our new Go Boston Card Blog. It's been a lot of fun for us over here at Go Card USA. (We've also launched blogs in all of our Go Card cities that you might want to take a look at as well)I'm really pleased that as a local you found it useful!

It's true that we sell the multi-attraction pass product Go Boston Card but rest assured our number one goal as Bloggers is to provide helpful material to readers and never to mislead them.

Eventually, as our blog grows and evolves, I hope that the Go Boston Card Blog will be considered not only a timely resource for Boston travelers, but a great resource for locals in Boston looking for timely helpful information about what's hot and happening in Boston right now.

Right now our content is a healthy mix which features events and news about our attractions included with the card (http://www.gobostoncard.com/freeadmissions.html) as well as fun Boston festivals, events, tips and news. So readers who are traveling to Boston but may not being purchasing our pass can benefit from the information as well as our customers.

Thanks for stopping by, we'd love to have your insight and comments on entries you feel are the most useful and/or well-written!

Shannon B.
Go Boston Card Blog

Susan J. said...

My colleague Shannon sums up our goals pretty well. One more quick thing... you can tell which attractions are part of the Go Boston Card and which ones are not based on whether the link opens in the same window or a new one. If it opens in a new window, then it's not part of our card, but we thought it might be useful for readers (which is most of our links). Thanks for stopping by!
Susan J.
Go Boston Travel Blog