Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hey! I'm bloggin' here!

This couldn't be more true:

"When you are on the T, it's best not to make eye contact. If you do, we know you are new to the whole public transportation thing."

That's from the author of the blog Driving to Work. It's a great blog based on a simple premise - a man's daily commute to work.

The author takes public transportation and somehow (I'm assuming some blackberry or similar device) blogs while he commutes to work. The posts are interesting because they appeal to anyone who has taken the T more than a couple of times. I just wish it was updated more frequently.

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EnuhCorK said...

I know. I know. I used to update it every day I went to work. After two years, the "material" started to get to me. Too many days went by where nothing really I sorta semi-retired the blog.

Maybe I can post more often in the new year...a resolution of sorts.