Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One for the blogoholics

With dozens of universities and thousands and thousands of college students in Boston, one would bet there would be more blogs about drinking or "the bar scene."

But while doing research for this blog I found that to not be true.

There are a few good blogs that discuss alcohol and "the bar scene," but with a certain audience in mind - that of the Allston/Brighton/Cambridge/Somerville/Medford/etc.-based grad student or young professional.

One of the more comprehensive drinking blogs is drinkboston.com.(It's updated by a freelance journalist, so you know the author knows how to drink.)

The blog provides some interesting tidbits and facts about drinking and certain kinds of alcohol and even provides information on upcoming local drinking events or tastings. However, as I wrote earlier, this blog, like most of the others, has a certain audience in mind.

It's not aiming for the undergrad crowd, which I don't understand why one of these blogs hasn't yet. If I had a nickel for how many times I asked my friends, or vice-versa, where we were going to drink this weekend, or where can we go for a different "scene," or rent was due this week, where is there cheap beer, I wouldn't have to worry about drinking money.

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